JSON eXtended Notation

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  1. Is this a new format?

    No. JSON is still Javascript Object Notation, and JXN is not a format to replace that. Its an engine that is derived from the JSON engine to add capabilities of reading functions. JXN is not a format, its just an engine.

  2. Then why extend the format?

    First of all, we thought it would be cool if we could run functions in the data string. It would be great for flash. Then we realized that the JSON syntax it so vast, just by merely adding function capabilities. the effects are limitless. Imagine Lotusscript, or SAP, or Oracle Storeprocedures, picking up a json string the its database, then triggering a dynamic macro or function because the parser is configured as so. This simple format allows a non-scripting language to instantly do scripts just by implementing the JSON JXN engine.

  3. Why of all Jacksons, you refer to Michael Jackson?

    Well, uhmm... hmm... not really sure why. No really I have no idea.

  4. But doesn't JSON suck?

    Well, this is our effort to prove otherwise.

  5. Who are you?

    We are architects from Gallium31 Inc. A philippine based IT solutions company focused on Flash/AJAX/Java technologies.

Any other questions just message us at info@gallium31.com

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